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Insurance is changing… Now is the time for reimagining what it can deliver - building smarter products and services that can offer something radically different. 


Underwriters, Brokers, MGAs and the like are naturally entrepreneurial, now is the time to reimagine the complexity of shifting distribution channels;  but more especially for any involving delegated authority, which demands smarter solutions to differentiate.

These changes are gathering pace and delivering a vast array of opportunities.


Cognitive exists to help our next-generation and incumbent clients nurture innovation, incubate new thinking and connect smart insurance solutions to its markets, building new value chains.

Whether it is helping a start up establish a foothold in its markets or an incumbent struggling to balance the art of the possible with fulfilling their daily responsibilities, we see things from a different perspective and see opportunities, helping our clients achieve their ambitions.


We are passionate about seeing great technology used, driving on digital innovation and  connecting smart thinkers, whilst focusing on the real differentiator - execution. 


We live in the space where INSUR meets TECH,

select which you are


We blend creativity and knowledge, with Insurance and technology experience to grow and improve our clients businesses.

Technology businesses can sometimes need help navigating the London Market, we can help

We help you to align your proposition and navigate the London Market nuances 

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