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Digital Products need to align to a new focus, preventative, predictive and personalised, once that has been thought through they need to be distributed.

Eco-systems, platforms or portals, where to start on the journey to connect your offerings with your partners and clients, how to execute and then support the creation of a real value proposition through digitally distributing your products.


Is no code really no code, what role do APIs play or need to play, what tools or skills will be required to support moving to a more digital first distribution route. With so much proliferation in the digital distribution space our experience of the pitfalls, expectations and oversight required to deliver successfully will greatly accelerate your time to market.


Even just knowing what alternatives there are, is invaluable!


   Examples where we can connect the dots with you

  • Product reimagining

  • Setting up correctly to gain valuable adoption insights and buying behavioural analysis

  • Platform evaluation (RFPs)

  • Understanding how Coverholder Underwriters select risks, what are the triggers and turn offs



By ensuring a clear understanding of the market greatly assists in delivering a successful solution.


There is no substitute for experience in turning complex problems into simple actionable steps.


Through technology and fresh thinking value propositions can be re-set.

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