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Ask more questions and you will get more insights, we help businesses define the correct hypothesis and work with the right partners to become digitally native. 

The application of traditional models and solutions needs now to be revisited, with fresh eyes, a fresh perspective and integrating appropriate technology solutions to move the needle of your business.  The connection of technology and experience is how the specialist insurance markets will retain its unrivalled market leading position.  Let us help you cut through the noise


Find problems, evaluate solutions and introduce technology partners to your business.  With such a huge range of capability to choose from, knowing the right problems to solve and questions to ask is crucial. 

To really reimagine one has to truly understand the benefit and the capability of the connected world.  We sit as the tissue connecting business problems with technology solutions.


If Data is the new oil, data driven underwriting should be the new norm, but how do you extract “tribal knowledge” or integrate external data sources effectively.  Underwriting specialist insurances should be using all the available current techniques and technology to better understand and assess risks and add value to Insureds.



By ensuring a clear understanding of the market greatly assists in delivering a successful solution.


Deliver a digital first approach to product design, delivery and promotion. 


There is no substitute for experience in turning complex problems into simple actionable steps.

   Examples where we can connect the dots with you

  • Translate Business requirements into tech understanding

  • Define behavioural nudges for coverholders to improve risk selection

  • Provide improved underwriting submission workflows

  • Deliver clear claims customer centricity


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