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We want to see both insurance and technology realise their potential in making the London Insurance Market Digital.

At Cognitive Risk, we help businesses throughout the Insurance eco-system by leveraging our experience and knowledge to deliver creative solutions and to connect businesses with smart solutions. 


Our experience means we truly understand the Lloyd's, London and Global (Re)Insurance Markets and are committed to helping Incumbents or new entrants alike make sense of the sometimes complex array of possibilities or practices.  


Businesses in the sector have a real opportunity to transform their operations as insurance becomes more predictive (data driven) and preventative (customer focused) leveraging new technologies and distribution models we can help define the steps to take.


We do not see technology as a threat or lack of innovation as a risk, see both as an opportunity we are able to support digital thinking.


Pivoting to meet the  transformation goals or alignment to initiatives such as “the Future at Lloyd’s” requires both internal and external perspectives to fully maximise the direction of travel.  


We can assist your business connect the Insur and tech worlds through deep domain experience from longstanding but innovative thinkers supported by a roster of leading market professionals harnessing their specific skills.



By ensuring a clear understanding of the market greatly assists in delivering a successful solution.


Deliver a digital first approach to product design, delivery and promotion. 


Through technology and fresh thinking value propositions can be re-set.

   Examples where we can connect the dots with you

  • Moving mindsets from Analogue to Digital

  • Marginal gains to step changes through agile thinking and approaches

  • Describing where new entrants fit into your business and how to best work with them

  • Assisting with defining a North Star vision

  • Evaluating new business models


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