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  • Mark Huxley

A quarter is a long time in Cognitive

As we get stuck into the new year, so Cognitive reaches the ripe old age of three months. It seems therefore a good opportunity for us to draw breath and reflect upon how those early months have gone.

To say we have received significant early interest does not come anywhere close to doing it justice. The curiosity, intrigue and opportunities laid out in front of us have been broad and lay in equal measure between the (generally tech) startup community and incumbents within the Market, realising that 2020 will definitely be defined as a year of change.

Obviously Lloyd's F@L programme is top of many minds and we are helping people navigate through some of its complexities and respond to numerous questions, with its shadow also falling over a much wider market, many of whom see this as a catalyst for themselves to change. Our experience aligned with our Insur meets Tech proposition is designed to support such changes.

We have acquired our first paying clients. We will not name them here, but they know who they are and we thank them for showing confidence in us. We are enjoying getting stuck in and hopefully making some positive impacts. We have others sitting in the wings with whom we are hoping to help. We could therefore not have asked for a better start.

We are also connecting with some great partners alongside whom we are building some excellent service products and models to help our clients across a broader range of areas. More of that another time.

However we are particularly proud to unveil a strategic partnership with JDX Consulting JDX are well known for the consultancy and operational support services they supply to meet within the Lloyd's and London Market. Much of this centres upon implementing tech solutions to create strategic and operational advantage. Us working alongside them with our respective expertise will add something for us both and the clients we both support. It is an exciting step forward for us and means that we have scale to accelerate our own plans. 

We have been advocates of, and active with the InsTech London community which continues to expand in the London Market, so to align with this we have also become part of the InsurtechUK community and have joined them as an associate member. With the breadth of their current membership and how it is evolving out we believe we can add something really positive to them and will look to be as active as we are able.

With all this in mind we go into our second quarter full of enthusiasm and positivity. And very much look forward to helping many more and continuing our journey to connect smarter insurance. So thank you again to everyone that has shown such positive support and it goes without saying that we'd love to hear from you if you would like to learn more about what we're doing or think we might be able help you.

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