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  • Mark Huxley

And of course WTF is a Chief Digitiser?

Mark wrote last week about one of the burning questions everyone has wanted to know. As he wrote he blamed me and somewhat reluctantly agreed to be our Chief Visualiser as I took the role of Chief Digitiser, sceptical didn’t come close.

We of course landed on some normal job titles but I was keen to add a little bit of extra spice into our positioning. Hence visualising a digitising! Aside from the range of responses from reading them of “laughter” to “love it”, it has added clarity to both our roles and how Cognitive Risk is seeking to deliver a blend of our expertise to the challenges organisations face and in turn how we can support them.

Those that know me, will know, I look through a digital lens first, I am digitally native believing in and delivering the benefits and efficiencies that having more access to data or getting products in front of clients at the right time in the right way are crucial and will ultimately help create and drive on business value.

But it doesn’t start with digital solutions it starts with clarifying a business’ purpose, visualising the art of the possible and the steps to get there. Then a coming together to deliver the right culture, skills and tools to enable this to be realised. First we visualise, then we digitise.

We have described ourselves as living in the space where INSUR meets TECH, I focus on the TECH part, by understanding the need for alignment and fit of digital solutions, understanding tech stacks and internal skills to support or implement, then how to deliver and finally create adoption. There are different horses for different courses, in this noisy Insurtech world.

Mark and I have been long term friends from my first days in the Lloyd’s Market as a broker, we have both seen the market change and then not change enough, but as we look at the Future of Lloyd’s (more on that later) the need to be outward focused and digital has never been stronger. Our early feedback has been really positive and the conversations continue to strike home as we talk about the alignment of INSUR and TECH.

If you’d like to learn more then do get in touch, we’d love to meet over a coffee and hear your perspective and of course how we can add another pair of hands to achieving your objectives.

Matt Carter

November 2019

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