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  • Matt Carter

Ceros and Cognitive Risk sign strategic partnership

It’s more vital now than ever before that businesses communicate and project themselves better with more impact. The market leading Ceros platform delivers this and via our partnership Cognitive Risk will be able to help its clients achieve this.

Ceros is a cloud-based design platform that was devised to empower marketers and designers to create immersive content without writing a single line of code. It is a tool that transforms and liberates digital presence across all touch points.

Quoting the Digital Marketing Institute; “In a sea of constantly growing content, beautiful and creative design matters. For those who specialise in design, this is no surprise. According to research by Design Management Institute, companies who are driven by design outperformed the Standard & Poor’s 500 by over 200%.” With the volume of content being created it is easy for it all to become white noise. Having a creative-led approach to every document, not just sales & marketing brings eye grabbing attention to it.

Become more engaging

We all witness a plethora of dull, unengaging reports and accounts, technical briefings, RFPs and the like that lose our attention within minutes. As Ceros says, to them it is about making your content an intervention. Something that makes people stop, pay attention and become engaged and thereby curious to learn more.

Unleash your inner creativity

Cognitive isn’t a marketing company nor has a desire to be one. However much of our work is about bringing the best ideas to attention via properly thought through strategies. So when we saw what Ceros are doing and the power of the content their platform delivers, we were also curious to learn more about it. Having shared with some clients it then became clear that their proposition isn’t just another content generator, but something that really empowers their clients to become wholly creative. This is especially important as they do not sell via marketing agencies, rather they work directly with the brands, so help them gain a full understanding and then unleash the huge power of the platform.

We are committed to bringing fresh perspectives into the industry through our Future Insurance Thinking (FIT) playbook, Ceros is a great example of how businesses can promote themselves or their work with real distinction. Whether you're an insurer, broker, MGA or service provider such as a tech business, lawyer or loss adjuster, Ceros can become a great ally and we’d urge you to get in touch with us and we’d love to introduce you to them.

To view a few examples please follow the links below

  • AON Climate - this is a good example of blending messaging and various media into a micro site

  • Blackrock - an example of illustrating numerous facts and figures to drive better understanding

  • AIG - Micro insurance site, developed in house

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