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  • Matt Carter

Cognitive Risk doubles its revenue and celebrates our clients successes, cheers to that

Cognitive Risk has just celebrated its 2nd year anniversary, Where we have continued our mission to connect smarter insurance, bringing the worlds of INSUR and TECH together. The last 12 months introduced many new businesses, connections and others into our network sharing our values for change and re-imagination.

Before we reflect on what is next for us, our focus of being an agent of change across the London Insurance Market has again seen us be able to deliver some really interesting work supporting our clients as they navigate establishing a business where the London insurance market is seen as a key destination or deliver some future or edge thinking to established businesses as to what a truly digital operating model really needs to look like.

We support those we meet with honest, pragmatic and objective advice whether they are a client or not, our passion is seeing smart businesses get smarter and to grow and mature, is what drives us.

That said, this last year has been also a time for celebrating our clients successes, we have had three clients appear in the Sonr/Insuretech insights Future 50 listings, four of our clients raised funds to grow and expand and drive on the clear value in the business we have been able to witness first hand, whilst others we have seen double down committed to supporting an industry change even though it can be slow to commit.

So whilst all our customers have developed this last year, benefiting a little from our input and direction, we want to shout out to BOXX Insurance, featuring in Future50 The Americas and raising $10m, Inari (special mention as they will always be our first client) for doing great work for a stellar client list and featuring in the Future50 Europe, PENNI.IO, also raising funds this year and featuring in the Future50 Europe list, whilst Previsico have won awards and also closed a Series A round.

So as we wrapped up our 2nd year Mark and I remain committed to our ambitions to keep supporting businesses move the digital needle and become smarter connected digital insurance businesses and help the London Insurance market become the best and most digital version of itself.

To continue to deliver our vision we are now keen to double down and expand and we have some really exciting news to share on that front very soon.

Our Future Insurance Thinking (F.I.T) approach to proposition, destination, alignment and execution is really allowing us to take our clients through an accelerated journey to support reimagining business models and goals or how best to position yourself as a next generation solution vendor to the Lloyd's and London Insurance Market.

So we are really pleased that this year again saw us tick off one of our main objectives, "to do good things for good people."

We are fortunate that we love what we do and of course the clients we have worked with if you would like us to share some of that love please get in touch.

Matt & Mark

Cognitive Risk are creative insurance and digital thinkers and can assist organisations work through identifying, promoting and embracing the digital tools that will make businesses operate better and stand out from the crowd. Book a chat we would love to talk some more.


Matt Carter and Mark Huxley are founders of Cognitive Risk, on a mission to drive on digital adoption and transformation within the Lloyd's, London and Global (Re)Insurance Markets. They want to help organisations re-imagine problems by combining their perspectives of INSUR and TECH to define what success looks like for your business and how to get there.

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