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Get FIT with Future Insurance Thinking

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

We’ve been hard at work since the beginning of the year widening our connections and forming stronger partnerships. As a result we continue to reflect on these conversations and refine our proposition, culminating in us updating our website. Our mission remains unaltered helping insurance businesses see the art of the possible and driving digital adoption, but we have listened and with many looking for an informal discussion, have included via our website an easier way to arrange to chat with us along with devising a new programme to assist on the journey of digital execution.

Future Insurance Thinking - FIT programme

This is a journey that has become all the more relevant and critical given the necessity to operate as a digital business as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, whilst being able to “dial into” meetings is one thing, becoming a truly digital first business and one that can operate off site as efficiently as an office, with all the data securely available takes some planning.

At Cognitive Risk we believe now is the time to start to consider if your organisation or operation is connected and optimised enough and is able to think imaginatively about how you will now manage and measure your business and its people remotely.

Now is the time to start the journey to a business FIT for tomorrow

This brief chat will:

  • Help guide towards an executable plan with a brief takeaway

  • By the end of a 30 minute call we will cover the first 3 elements of our 5 step plan at a high level

  • Help you identifying opportunities and capabilities, from which more detailed activities can follow

To find out more about Future Insurance Thinking visit our new page on our website and book a chat.

Lastly we have been using the first quarter to forge some really smart partnerships and connecting with businesses that truly complement our capabilities and will shortly be unveiling more about our group of experts that will support us as we assist organisations along their own reimagination journeys.

More on this to follow very shortly.

We are well aware of the very difficult times many of our neighbours face currently and whilst our Industry is often at its most adaptable and resolute in such times, we remain optimistic that our world will bounce back. It is unlikely to be quick nor return to be as it was before, so we hope we can help you use this time to take an inventory of your business, identify your upcoming challenges and see opportunities for improvements.

Stay safe.


Matt Carter and Mark Huxley are founders of Cognitive Risk, on a mission to drive on digital adoption and transformation within the Lloyd's, London and Global (Re)Insurance Markets. They want to help organisations re-imagine problems by combining their perspectives of INSUR and TECH to define what success looks like for your business and how to get there.

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