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Introducing Risk Junction

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

I want to introduce you to Risk Junction a project long in the formation but finally launched at the right time to support the industry, a project of both will and passion

Over many years I have witnessed the industry moving but not really seeing it change and have listened to countless presentations on digital transformation, I have always placed myself in the role of an evangelist in seeing the benefits of technology and encouraging others to adopt and adapt. I especially focus on other industries and the way they use technology and how that might be applicable for our industry, especially as we have all seen the opportunities presented by technology in our day to day lives.

This is no crusade

But risk junction is not on a crusade to drive digital transformation, is to ensure that the API drum is banged loudly but importantly ensuring the context as to their business value is at the forefront. Risk junction is about moving the API narrative outside of the developer / engineering domains and driven by the wider business resources.

As ultimately, whether you are a API vendors a developer, product owner or as I am a ' citizen developer' one can find the capabilities to uncover new solutions, innovative propositions and accelerate business change.

Clarity and purpose

I believe that open insurance along with open finance will become ubiquitous - Efforts to develop API insurance standards will continue and accelerate. Alongside this is the need to provide absolute clarity and context around APIs and micro services to ensure wider adoption.

As API portals will become table stakes, as the need to integrate and partner system to system will become the primary means of trading

i write from a business context as a non technical person, but i am a digital thinker, i will call on partners and friends and others more experienced to add some of the technical thoughts and content into risk junction. But its mission is clear, to support people and businesses that truly want to think and be digital, those that really understand that APIs are the building blocks for this new world.

We will ultimately deliver a site that provides

  • education

  • discoverability

  • monetisation

  • creation

Please get in touch to find out more and I look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Matt Carter

Founder Risk Junction

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Read about our views and find out more in our documents and guides about all things Insurance and APIs including the API economy, embedded insurance and open insurance initiatives

Confused about anything we will try and help you out


To track how APIs are actually being deployed and promoted by insurers, we have created a site to monitor their promotion and the extent of developer portals.

Launching in 2022

Learn more about who we are, what is imprtant and why we want to make a difference

To build the largest API and solution marketplace focused on the risk and insurance industry

Contact Us

Get in touch with us to find out about how we can help drive on your own API strategy.


Coming Soon

Why Join

Find out more about the benefits of a dedicated API marketplace for the risk and insurance sector.  Promoting, explaining and monetising your APIs as well as providing developers the capability to roadtest them.

Use cases

Coming Soon

Identify some use cases demonstrating how the marketplace will add value whether you are a creator or a user of APIs


Delivering a single destination to both promote and adopt APIs to drive on innovation in insurance

Find out more about the benefits of a dedicated API marketplace for the risk and insurance sector.  Promoting, explaining and monetising your APIs as well as providing developers the capability to discover them.

Promotion of APIs as products greatly increases adoption.   Understand why APIs needs to speak to more than just a developer, find out how we can help. 


Promote APIs

Discover new solutions

Reduce development time

Provide Insurance context

Monetise existing API capabilities

Demonstrate how seriously you see that APIs will help drive future business partnerships, by launching a modern developer portal, reach out to see our unique insights and design.

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