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WTF is a Chief Visualiser?

In the couple of weeks since we launched there have been two clear lines of questions. What is it that Cognitive will be doing and when a business card shared, the title of this blog!

I have to admit that in the pantheon of job titles I have taken on throughout my career this one stands out as perhaps the most unique. I have Matt to thank for this and aside of the gentle rib poking that I’ve been getting, perhaps to his credit it has created positive curiosity about what we are doing. And to be fair to him, he’s carrying the title of Chief Digitiser around. I’ll leave him to explain what that means…

So what is it that this role will entail and what is it exactly that I will be doing. It’s quite simple really. For those of you that know me, you will understand that much of my reputation has been built upon having an inbuilt ability to see inside the complexities of businesses and their services, helping those I’ve worked with then gain a greater understanding of them and how they can be optimally positioned to establish, grow, scale, evolve or sell, depending upon their ambitions. It is this skill that will underwrite my area of Cognitive.

In this fast changing market, we have described ourselves as living in the space where INSUR meets TECH. One can easily see therefore that my skills lay in the INSUR part of this equation, helping clients (re)imagine the art of the possible and how they can harness their skills to become a scalable and sustainable part of the insurance ecosystem. Matt and I have been long term friends in business and have shared much over that time. Such that with his TECH skills as Chief Digitiser and the natural crossover of our skills, the Cognitive proposition offers much.

Something that the broad range of businesses and people we have met since we started this journey are seeing and why every day we seem to have another raised level of interest and curiosity about us and our slightly odd job titles!

If you’d like to learn more then do get in touch, we’d love to meet over a coffee and chat to you.

Mark Huxley

October 2019

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