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End of summer update



As we begin to return from a summer break, so we reboot and minds turn to the traditionally hectic year end planning, renewal season and 2022 strategies. 


We're no different and as we close our 2nd year's trading we can reflect upon another great year of doing our bit connecting and signposting businesses into the London Market. One positive as we emerge from these strange times is the great energy being shown to seize this opportunity to drive real innovation. And we love offering our own creative minds to this and continue to enjoy our ever expanding network. 


If you feel we could help you, then get in  touch  for an informal chat. Who knows we might even get to do this in person over a cup of something!

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Listen to some of our views

We were fortunate to be able to join the excellent Alex Bond on his Leadership in Insurance podcast, talking about a wide variety of topics, from innovation, smart technology and a whole lot more , feel free to have a listen here

Other news

Following us supporting Insurance Insider's InsiderTech Conference as Scaling Partner we are delighted to continue this and be supporting their upcoming  Insurance Insider (RE)Connect event in September as a partner, this is a great opportunity to hear from industry heavyweights in the run up to the renewal season.


We will again as we have done for every Lloyd's Lab cohort be providing our time to some of the next cohort as external mentors, helping them navigate the Lloyd's market and maximise their opportunity in the Lab process.  We have supported a number of Lab Alumni, so if you want to find out about connecting with the wider London Insurance Market contact us

We've always got ideas but here are some thoughts we wrote down

If you missed it, catch up on a great article by Mark - the rise of the intrapreneur.


For those that know me well, understand just how passionate I am about the art and science of entrepreneurship ...


A technology perspective

Matt, penned some thoughts on has there ever been a better a time for insurance to benefit from technology?


Insurance has been one of the oldest users of technology from the early adoption of IBM mainframes...

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Future Insurance Thinking

We are passionate and committed to connecting smart technology with smart businesses, whether it be through strategic support or building a focused community.


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We look forward to speaking soon or even now meeting soon! 


All the very best

Matt, Mark & John

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